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Ruth Erskine, Photo-Artist

Born in Folkestone in the UK, I grew up in the craggy wilds of Northumberland in northern England and attended art schools in Canterbury and London, UK, prior to moving to Canada in the 1980's.

I was always fascinated by the natural world and the fundamentals of design: structure, colours, light, shadows, and composition.


After a career spent in architecture and later in post-secondary education, I continued to add to my photo-artwork, revelling in the infinite range of natural subjects and plant formations to be found on my travels. 

My first website was created in 2017 and as a study of the fascinating cactus formations to be found in the deserts of the Southern United States and was called!

I soon realized that I needed a new vehicle to house my growing range of photo-artworks and thus, was born! You'll see that I have incorporated a section for desert plants on this site!

I have a special interest in the increasingly varied range of formats for printing and interior decoration, especially canvas and mural design, which provide many interesting opportunities for commercial use.


At one of my favourite haunts:

Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

Fine Art Photography

Ruth at BotanicalArt_edited.jpg

So....what makes fine art photography different to your everyday "snap"?

Just like painting, sculpture and other forms of art, the photo artist explores the world within their photography. Modern technology provides an infinite realm of possibilities, and I've only just begun! 

My aim is to:

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