Ruth Erskine, Photo-Artist

Born in Folkestone in the UK, I grew up in the wilds of northern England and attended art schools in Canterbury and London, UK, prior to moving to Canada in the 1980's. I was always fascinated by the natural world and passionate about the fundamentals of design: light, shadows, composition, and emotion.


As a supplier of unique and beautiful art prints, BotanicalArt offers a personal service for clients who appreciate attention to detail and close, hands-on assistance. 


BotanicalArt is a place for you to enjoy the infinite range of natural subjects and plant formations to be found across the globe. 

My first website was created in 2017 as a study of the fascinating cactus forms to be found in the deserts of the Southern United States and was called "Cactomania"!
On my travels and at home I have continued to add to my selection of subjects. I soon realized  that I needed a new vehicle to house my growing range of photo-artworks - and thus, BotanicalArt was born! You'll see that I have incorporated a section for desert plants on this site.

Remember to keep an eye on a selection of my latest works in addition to browsing the other areas of the site.

Thank you for visiting my site and I would love to hear from you with any comments, questions or stories you may have!

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Ruth at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ

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